Hello Welcome to Drums Made Fun

Drums should always be fun, that’s the way I always think of drums, its fun.  Anytime I sit behind the drums I always have fun.

A little about myself, I was born here in San Francisco, I attended  the public schools and interested in music from a very young age.  My parents played music at home, I always enjoyed listening to it.  When I always heard those jazz drummers like Buddy Rich, That’s why I always wanted to play drums from an early age.  I was able to get a paper route to save up to get my first set of drums when I was sixteen, then started taking lessons.

There was a boy across the street who was playing drums and I heard it, went across the street to ask his teacher.  And his teacher started to show me a few things, then he started teaching me.  I learn to read music and then after a while I started to learn to write music. 

I first started off playing pretty simple beats and I started to play at YMCA dances when I was sixteen.  It was mostly dance music, after a while I moved on with that kind of music, then I started playing country music/country rock for about five years.  I played hard rock for about six or seven years, then I also played English pop music.  I played easy rock, I played some latin music as well.  I like to play the bongo and conga.  The main thing I like to do is to play the drums and sing and playing the blues is my favorite kind of music right now.

I grew up during the whole music scene of the late sixties and seventies, where I went to such places as the Avalon Ballroom, Fillmore auditorium, Winterland.  I really enjoyed seeing a lot of those bands play, that’s what has inspired me and helped me to learn more, it’s helped me to progress and right now with me it’s all about learning.  I want to do my best to continue to learn as much as I can so I can continue to teach all those who are earnestly want to learn. 

So that’s enough about me, I’d like to learn about you, where you from, where do you want to go with your music?  How can I help you? That’s what I’m here for!  So please contact me!